For life changing results you must attend psychic workshops in NYC taught by Psychic Healer Geozuwa. His powerful healing classes in NYC are extraordinary.

I attended a psychic workshop in NYC to clear all negative...

Kate S.
January 19, 2010

I attended a psychic workshop in NYC to clear all negative energy, remove all obstacles, and build up an abundance of positive energy. It was a two day workshop in NYC in which I recieved so much psychic and healing energy. In the first day all negatives, and all obstacles were removed. All of the healing techniques I learned in the NYC psychic workshop made me completely confident that none of the negatives would ever return. I was free to live my perfect life because after the second day of the workshop psychic healer Geozuwa taught me how to instantly connect with Source. After attending his psychic workshop in NYC I had the knowledge and the skills to remain in a permanent higher vibration.


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