Aura Workshop NYC


November 8, 2019 (NYC)

November 21, 2019 (FL)


The Aura is a field of luminous radiation and energy surrounding a person. In this remarkable workshop Geozuwa teaches you effective techniques to easily bring your mind to a higher state of awareness. once you reach the higher states he then directs you to effortlessly see your own Aura and the Aura's of others. You will discover how to interpret and powerfully heal Auras, instantly! After this workshop you will have amazing skills and abilities to create abundance, health, wealth, and happiness through powerful Aura work.

Throughout the workshop you will experience several hypnosis sessions to clear any negatives in your life, remove blockages, and powerfully open up your 3rd Eye. First you learn how to, and are programmed to enter into, a deep state of self-hypnosis - any time, anywhere, under any circumstances, on your own specifically to see Auras. In one session you are guided to eliminate any parts of you that may have held you back, while creating a New Super Part, with your sub-conscious mind, focusing on increasing your 3rd Eye awareness. Then in another session you are directed to create a perfect you with amazing 3rd Eye skills, abilties, and clarity - allowing yourself to accept and become that perfect you with powerful 3rd Eye vision. Then, again through hypnosis, all of your Chakras are cleared, healed, and opened with emphasis on your amazing 3rd Eye. Finally, you learn how to enter a higher state of awareness, instantly, to clearly see Auras. 

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Regular Fee: $139

Pre-Registration Fee: $99

If you have attended a previous 2-Day Healing Workshop and Evolve Your Soul Training - then the fee is only:


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I enjoyed the class. I learned how to work on my chakras and open the 3rd eye. I learned about the energy fields and how to heal myself and others. The presentation was easy to follow and fun. I know the Holy Spirit guided me to you to learn to do this healing work and to continue my enlightenment.
B.B. – NYC, NY

I have been to another teacher’s aura workshop before and was not pleased with the results. But I was really pleased with your workshop and how easy you made it to see Auras. I have never seen auras so vividly until now! This workshop was a fun and great learning experience. I am very excited to practice and to continue to learn from you. Thank you.
K.A. - NYC, NY

I enjoyed the class very much! It was very informative! I learned how to clear my chakras and how to access my 3rd eye in order to see and heal auras. I now have more skills to use to heal others. I recommend this class to others, it’s amazing!
I.C. - Long Island, NY

I always enjoy all of your classes and workshops! The Aura class is insightful, powerful, and fun! It is a great addition to help and heal exponentially.
A.M. - Mount Vernon, NY

This class was very enjoyable. I learned great techniques for easily seeing and reading Auras. I recommend this class to everyone. I really enjoyed the reinforcement of the healing and self-hypnosis practice.
R.S. - Brooklyn, NY

I learned about the importance of not “trying” to look for auras. I also learned to trust in the programming that was done in the workshop. The teaching was, as usual, amazing. I like the fact that you prepared us before the exercises were done. I feel a new connectedness to the energy.
C.G. - Bronx, NY

This workshop compliments the previous healing workshop. I learned how to focus and concentrate on auras. The teaching and presentation is excellent!
C.B. - Bronx, NY

This class was the first time I saw colors. I realized that some of my chakras needed clearing. And what an amazing experience the entire class was. I now feel lighter. And I already feel my intuition sharpening. I loved the class and recommend it for everyone.
A.J. - Queens, NY

Aura Workshop NYC