Visit the Other Side Workshop

the other side workshop

Visit the Other Side Workshop NYC

March 14, 2016 (Memphis, TN)

Know With Certainty that You Are an Infinite Being
and Your Soul is Eternal!

Discover the Beautiful Reality of Life After Death!

You Will Absolutely Love The Experience!

  • Eliminate All negative Karma!
  • Visit and Communicate with Departed Loved Ones!
  • Be Face to Face with Your Spirit Guides!
  • Re-energize Your Mind, Body, and Soul in Pure Love!
  • Communicate with Angels!
  • Experience God - the Source of All Creation - Firsthand!
  • Discover Your Path and Purpose!
  • Know What Your Future Holds!
  • Create Your Future!
  • Heal on Every Level!

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    Paperback Pre-order Available: July 25 - October 15, 2015


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    $225 - full rate for the workshop


    $150 - Discounted rate for pre-registration and the purchase of one book


    $200 - pre-registration rate




    Visit the Other Side Workshop NYC