Channeling Workshop NYC

Channeling Workshop NYC



Bring a list of questions!

All attendees will be programmed to instantly allow their Super-Conscious mind to come forward through self-hypnosis. You will be guided to the higher states of awareness then to the Other Side. Each and every attendee will have the opportunity to channel, through their physical body, at least one Spirit Guide to communicate with us. We will be able to ask questions and receive valuable knowledge and information from these higher evolved entities, Angels, and beautiful White Light Beings. Each attendee will also have the opportunity to instantly heal and correct any life issues during their Channeling Session.

First Day

1. You will eliminate all negative thought patterns, remove all negative energies, and remove any unhealthy fears through Hypnosis.

2. You will have all negative Karma, if any, removed permanently.

3. You will have all of your frequencies and Vibrations raised to much higher states

4. You will have all of the powerful and effective positive protections installed in your sub-conscious mind, your Aura, and the Energy around you

5. You will have your Super-Conscious mind instantly come forward through self-hypnosis

6. You will be energized with Infinite Intelligence and Eternal Wisdom

7. Individual Channeling Sessions begin

Second Day

1. Individual Channelings with group participation - questions and healing.

2. Learn how to Channel on your own in various levels with several goals and purposes

3. You will have the opportunity to Channel: Spirit Guides, Angels, Masters, Keepers of the Akashic, Plaideans, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Ancient and Timeless Masters from numerous worlds and other dimensions, Various Energies, Stars, and so much more!

We look forward to sharing this amazing, fun, and exciting experience with you!

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Channeling Workshop NYC