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healing-workshopIn this amazing workshop you will discover how to easily and effortlessly heal yourself and others! You will learn how to instantly tap into the pure love healing energy - directly from the source! Your awareness on all levels will increase vastly! Mr. Cuantum gives you the knowledge and tools to create your perfect reality - to improve your life and the lives of everyone around you! Upon certification these amazing and powerful tools are yours for a lifetime - to heal with unlimited abundance of pure love!

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psychic-workshopIn this extaordinary workshop Mr. Cuantum teaches you an almost unlimted amount of techniques to develop and enhance exceptional psychic abilities. It is an exciting "learn while you do" workshop. You will be amazed at how easily and effortlessly you are able to read people and obtain important and powerful information for yourself and others. You will discover all the tools necessary and gain the complete knowledge and ability on how to use these powerful psychic tools to improve your life and the lives of everyone around you!

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channeling-workshop-mediumNot everyone can channel and many people who can are unaware of this wonderful ability and gift. Mr. Cuantum teaches his students, through self-hypnosis, to achieve this amazing experience anytime, any place, under any circumstance. When the client channels through his/her Spirit Guides valuable information of the person’s life and path is received. The client’s soul is recharged with the pure love energy of the universe, remaining in a higher place of complete nirvana, while Mr. Cuantum and other students of the workshop have a conversation with the Spirit Guides. There is no guess work! The client’s questions are answered directly! Discover how to instantly channel pure positive energy! Discover how to instantly channel higher evolved entities and Angels! Come experience the energy and the excitement of this exceptional workshop!

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evolve-your-soul-workshopWe are here on Earth to help our souls learn, grow, and evolve. What this important workshop offers is so valuable! You will discover effective techniques to heal yourself and others. You will learn how to elevate your mind and soul to an extraordinarily higher vibrational level and remain there! You will be given powerful techniques to change the world around you, to bring love and light to the darkest areas, and to improve your life and the lives around you. And naturally the more you become aware of these new amazing abilities the more you realize how important this workshop is. Discover your true path in life, become aware of your infinite possibilities and unlimited potentials! Because the world's consciousness is shifting, the time is now, to evolve your soul and live your perfect life! This is a fun and exciting workshop that guaranteess a lifetime of important and powerful knowledge and techniques to keep you in a higher vibration of energy!

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NLP-trainingIn this workshop you will learn to use the cutting - edge communications tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to give you more ways to make important improvements in yourself and contributions to your world. NLP is a new art and science of personal excellence. It shows you how, by following successful models of thought and behavior, you too can achieve astounding results. NLP is the psychology of Excellence. It is based on the practical skills that are used by all good communicators to obtain excellent results. These skills are valuable for personal and professional development. Take charge of your life and become a certified NLP practitioner NOW!

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At Quantum Hypnosis Group we include the NLP training and certification with our hypnosis certification at no additional charge.  

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hypnosis-certification-trainingThese Hypnosis classes offer you the knowledge for success. Gain the step by step skills to be successful. Discover easy to learn proven techniques. Learn the most modern techniques, combined with classic techniques of the old masters. Get the confidence you need to get certified. Experience high energy instruction guaranteed to keep you excited and interested! Imagine improving every aspect of your life while helping others to realize their true infinite potential. Love what you do and make money doing it! Gain all the knowledge you will need to be certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification through the Quantum Hypnosis Group.

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You will learn effective self-hypnosis techniques to easily bring your mind to a higher state of awareness. Once you are in the elevated states Mr. Cuantum will direct you to effortlessly see your own Aura and the Auras of others. You will discover how to interpret and powerfully heal Auras, instantly!

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Imagine creating your perfect reality through dream control. Powerfully create a better life through dreams! Correct any part of your life that may be out of order! Discover how to easily attract abundance, wealth, health, and happiness through dream control!

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metaphysical-hypnosis-workshopMr. Cuantum offers these wonderful, enlightening, and powerful hypnosis classes throughout the year. Learn how to: enhance your psychic abilities, enhance your natural healing, astral travel, communicate with your spirit guides, communicate with your loved ones, channel, remote view, travel to the other side, powerfully manifest your intentions, access all higher knowledge and much more - through self-hypnosis. Mr. Cuantum is passionate about teaching and sharing these wonderful gifts and abilities. If you are reading this it is your time to learn your true path and purpose in life. Don’t hesitate! Live your perfect life now! Attend Mr. Cuantum’s metaphysical hypnosis classes and change your life forever!!

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For life changing results you must attendpsychic workshops in NYC taught by Psychic Healer Geozuwa Cuantum. His powerful healing classes in NYC are extraordinary.